Cervical Screening Saves Lives

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Cervical Screening Saves Lives!

Bromley clinicians are urging residents to have their routine cervical screening test as it could save their life. A Bromley cervical screening campaign, has launched, dedicated to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from getting screened. Read more about the campaign here and read the new cervical cancer screening information booklet.

If you have a cervix and are aged between 25 and 64, then you are eligible for cervical screening. If you are registered as female with your practice, you will automatically receive an invitation when you are due. Make sure we have your current address.

If you think you are due and haven’t received a letter, or have missed an appointment, call the practice to check. If you have missed your last screening test, you do not have to wait for another letter to book.

If you are nervous about the screening and want to talk to our practice nurse, please make an appointment. We know it’s not the easiest of tests for you to have, but it helps prevent cervical cancer.

Empower yourself, protect your future today!