About Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Broomwood Medical Centre has advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) working to provide an excellent all-round care service to patients.

Who are ACPs?

ACPs are registered health professionals that are trained to a high skill level with the necessary knowledge and skills to take on wider roles for patient care.

They have advanced qualifications (a Masters degree) and have expertise in caring for patients with minor illnesses and conditions.

ACPs are qualified to work across a wide range of clinical areas since they have the set of skills and knowledge to offer the best all-round care.

They have attained enough experience to work independently without direct guidance from a superior whilst still working as part of a team.

They demonstrate core and specific clinical competence that encompasses the four pillars of advanced clinical practice which are clinical practice, management / leadership, education and research.

ACP’s are from different professional backgrounds for example, experienced pharmacists, nurses or physiotherapists.

What is the job role of ACPs?

They are healthcare professionals that are clinically trained to assess, diagnose and treat patients.

They work closely with doctors in this medical centre.

ACPs work as the regular health care provider for patients during health and illness.

They will partner with both you and your care provider and listen to any decisions and queries you have in order to arrive at the best solution and next steps for you to take in order to get the best level of care you deserve.

How does this affect me?

You may be asked if you agree to be looked after by an ACP.

Usually, this is because they are likely to offer excellent all-round care for your particular circumstances.

If you are not willing, you can ask for a different kind of healthcare